Liverpool lead Sanches chase

Liverpool lead Sanches chase

According to a recent report from Calciomercato, Liverpool are seemingly still leading the race to sign Renato Sanches from Lille.

The midfielder is also believed to be an AC Milan target but even with that being the case, the Reds still have a keen interest in trying to sign him – and you’d have to favour them given their success over the course of the last few years in the Premier League and Champions League.

Sanches’ revival has been a remarkable tale but if he wants to reach his full potential, he’ll need to choose wisely regarding his next move.

At 23 years old he still has the world at his feet but his poor tenure at Swansea City a few years ago can’t be forgotten. If he does go to Liverpool he needs to be given a consistent amount of time in the first team – and given their squad depth up top, that could prove difficult.

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