Alisson will miss father’s funeral in Brazil over travel complications

Alisson will miss father’s funeral in Brazil over travel complications

Liverpool goalkeeper Alisson will be forced to stay in the UK and miss the funeral of his late father, who died in Brazil this week, having ‘desperately’ tried to find a way to travel home amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Alisson’s father was reported to have drowned in a lake at the family’s holiday ranch in the far south of Brazil, where new regional lockdown restrictions have recently come into place.

Between encountering the tough restrictions in the state of Rio Grande so Sul and the ban on all direct flights between Brazil and the UK, as well as forced quarantine measures upon his return, Alisson has made the ‘heartbreaking decision’ not to travel.

The Daily Mail cites a source close to the player to report that he was ‘determined’ to go home. He is said to have been looking for flights and for ways to get around both the restrictions in Brazil and the UK, only to be forced to give up because of the complications.

Another factor is that his wife, Natalia, is 28 weeks pregnant and his forced quarantine in a hotel on his return to the UK would have meant leaving her for even longer at an important time.

Alisson's wife is also 26 weeks pregnantAlisson's wife is also 26 weeks pregnant
Alisson’s wife is also 26 weeks pregnant | Kristy Sparow/Getty Images

Alisson is believed to have spoken to his father on a daily basis and it is said to be ‘tearing him apart’ that he won’t be able to attend the funeral and be with his family.

Instead, it is thought he hopes to try and travel to Brazil in three weeks’ time and spend five days at home. That will also coincide with a pause in the club football schedule, with Liverpool not playing after their clash with Wolves on 15 March until they face Arsenal on 3 April.

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