The best Inter kits with a Pirelli sponsor – ranked

The best Inter kits with a Pirelli sponsor – ranked

After 26 years producing some of the most iconic kits in football history, Inter are parting ways with iconic shirt sponsor, Pirelli, at the end of the season.

Reports suggest they just got tyre-d of each other.

As much as we would love to end the article on that fire joke, we should probably mark this momentous occasion with an article of some kind. Perhaps ranking the 10 best Inter x Pirelli collabs of all time?

Yuto Nagatomo, Mauro IcardiYuto Nagatomo, Mauro Icardi
Classy | Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Inter’s 2014/15 season was horrific. The Nerazzurri finished eighth in Serie A, crashed out of the Europa League in the round of 16 and also fell short in the Coppa Italia.

At least they looked pretty dapper while they were lurching from one disaster to the next thanks to their simple but sophisticated pinstriped home strip.

Hernan CrespoHernan Crespo
Even a short haired Hernan Crespo looks spot on in this kit | New Press/Getty Images

Inter marked their centenary with a throwback strip that featured a tasteful red cross – making it a perfect gift for any English patriots out there.

Roberto Mancini’s side were wearing this shirt when they secured the Scudetto on the last day of the 2007/08 campaign with a win over Parma. Nice.

Zlatan IbrahimovicZlatan Ibrahimovic
Sometimes, the simplest designs are the best | New Press/Getty Images

At the end of the 2000s, Inter were one of the best sides in Europe.

When you are part of the elite, there is no need to impress with your kit, leading to this simple but effective design for the 2008/09 season.

Luis Jimenez, Ivan RamiroLuis Jimenez, Ivan Ramiro
Yes, another white one | New Press/Getty Images

We bet it was a nightmare to clean, but there can be no denying how sexy this kit is.

Pirelli’s inclusion adds a much needed splash of yellow dead in the centre of the shirt as well. Lovely.

Diego Milito Diego Milito
Diego Milito looks like he should have played in the 1980s. No, we will not elaborate | Jasper Juinen/Getty Images

It is fitting that Inter’s greatest ever season should feature one of the club’s most iconic shirts.

There is nothing flashy about this design, it just works.

Paul IncePaul Ince
The Guv’nor | Getty Images/Getty Images

The Genesis. This is where it all began for Inter and Pirelli and the strip holds up well today.

We are big fans of the socks in particular, which feature a glorious golden crest.

An aggressive offering from Inter | Claudio Villa/Getty Images

Inter and Pirelli were clearly going through their goth phase during the 2013/14 season.

Nike took the classic Nerazzurri colour scheme and added a dark twist, creating an intriguing result in the process.

Estaban CambiassoEstaban Cambiasso
Beautiful | Maurizio Lagana/Getty Images

Come on. It’s got a dragon on it. Do we really need to say anymore?

Nicol Barella, Romelu LukakuNicol Barella, Romelu Lukaku
Reinventing the stripe since 2020 | Marco Luzzani/Getty Images

They is only so much you can do with a striped kit, so we seriously appreciate the effort Nike went to this summer.

These zig zags are a stroke of genius and the kit will become iconic if Inter manage to end their wait for a Scudetto this season.

It’s even more beautiful than the UEFA Cup | JACK GUEZ/Getty Images

Here it is. The kit that is so sexy, it spawned not one, but two remakes in subsequent seasons.

Seeing Ronaldo grinning away in those legendary grey and black hoops hammers home just how much we are going to miss Inter and Pirelli’s collaborations.

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