Leipzig’s Sabitzer knows his future plans

Leipzig’s Sabitzer knows his future plans

According to a recent report from Bild, RB Leipzig midfielder Marcel Sabitzer has said his close circle know where his future lies.

The tease comes after weeks and weeks of speculation over where exactly he’s going to end up beyond this season, and at this stage, we still have absolutely no idea.

Such is the nature of the summer transfer window we probably won’t find out for a while to come yet, either. Sabitzer himself appears to be perfectly fine with making as many plans as possible for where he’s going to go next, and who knows, maybe he’ll even stay with Leipzig.

Still, that isn’t going to stop the questions from coming, especially given the form he’s been in throughout the course of the season.

If more teams start to have a look into the situation, it will surely only be a matter of time before the results are leaked to the media.

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