No Alaba to Barcelona deal yet?

No Alaba to Barcelona deal yet?

According to a recent report from Goal, David Alaba’s agent has denied that the player has agreed on a deal to join Barcelona this summer.

The report indicates that he’d be doing so on a free transfer and while that does seem to be the most likely outcome of all this, it also appears to be a little premature.

Everyone wants to see what Alaba is going to do next after he enjoyed so many successful years with Bayern. Alas, even with all that intrigue, you can bet fans are going to get pretty sick of hearing about him soon if there are too many repetitive stories.

Barca are going to have a big summer of change and we can all see that coming, so if they want to bring Alaba in, they need to make sure they get there fast – or someone else may swoop in and get the job done.

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