adidas drop abstract ‘Inner Life’ colourway for Copa Sense

adidas drop abstract ‘Inner Life’ colourway for Copa Sense

adidas have given the new Copa Sense a fresh lick of paint, with the bold new look aimed at telling the story of the silo’s reinvention.

Following on from the black and gold original release, the limited edition Copa Inner Life update sees the boot doused in white, with that base used as a canvas for abstract splashes of colour.

The patches, lines and streaks of crimson, blue, green and orange are intended to highlight the technologies that help athletes become the best version of themselves on the pitch.

The pop colours bring to life innovations such as the ‘Sensepods’, ‘Touchpods’ and ‘Softstuds’ in a visually striking way.

The boot has been designed using anatomical insights on the human foot, with a number of innovative features used to offer the wearer an enhanced feel of the ball.

‘Sensepods’ have been built into the footwear with the aim of reducing the amount of space around the ankle and achilles, meaning there’s less room for the boot to shift while running, with foam elements on the heel filling any free space to allow a seamless connection between boot and foot.

adidas Copa Inner Lifeadidas Copa Inner Life
The Copa Inner Life’s ‘Touchpods’

‘Touchpods’ have been built into the sides and middle of the boot – targeting the areas most used during a game – helping to absorb the impact of the ball, so you’ll have no issues when your mate rifles one into your feet from five yards away.

The footwear giants have added two ‘Softstuds’ towards the front of the soleplate, with softer material allowing them to bend upon impact.

The wavey look features ‘Fusionskin’, an innovation which allows the boot to mould to the shape of your foot, made from a material consisting of both leather and Primeknit.

Not only does Fusionskin improve flexibility, it also reduces the water absorption rate.

Paulo Dybala and Melanie Leupolz are among the adidas athletes who will don the striking new Copa Inner Life on the pitch.

Want to get your hands on these bad boys? The new colourway will be available to order from today (15 March) via Adidas’ official website for £250.

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