Music acts that have sponsored football shirts

Music acts that have sponsored football shirts

There are many things that go into creating the perfect football shirt.

Colour, patterns and detailing are all important of course, but the very best jerseys also possess an iconic sponsor. Think about it. R9’s Inter jersey had Pirelli, Maradona’s Napoli strip had Mars and who can forget when Nintendo sponsored one of the best Fiorentina kits of all time.

These sponsors are all iconic, but they pale in comparison to when the name of your favourite band is emblazoned on the front of a shirt. It may seem like a pipedream, but this has happened more often than you might realise. Here are 12 examples of when the worlds of football and music have collided to create some incredible jerseys.

Dublin rockers Fontaines D.C. announced that they would be sponsoring Bohemians’ away kit in 2021.

The partnership also includes homelessness charity Focus Ireland, continuing Bohs’ tradition of championing progressive causes.

If you want to get the look, you better move fast. The shirt is currently available on Bohs’ website, but they will not last long.

Enter Shikari have been a staple of the UK rock scene for 15 years. You have no doubt caught them at a festival somewhere, even if you do not realise it.

They are also Non-League aficionados, evidenced by the fact they have been sponsoring sixth-tier St Albans City since 2019.

Both the home and away jerseys can be purchased from the club shop for £45.

After releasing their third album in 2015, The Libertines sailed the good ship Albion to the seaside town of Margate.

Since taking up residency there, Pete Doherty and the gang have eaten a really big breakfast, founded a studio/hotel and sponsored the local football club.

If you have a lust for the Libertines, you can buy all four shirts on the club’s online shop. Prices start at just £32.

Swansea City v Notts County - The Emirates FA Cup Fourth RoundSwansea City v Notts County - The Emirates FA Cup Fourth Round
Bugg is a big County fan | Catherine Ivill/Getty Images

Notts County fan and miserable sod Jake Bugg has played headline shows in front of thousands of people.

However, that thrill is nothing compared to when he sponsored his boyhood club for a month back in 2017.

Bugg’s name is also included on the 2020/2021 away kit, which is available from the club shop for £41.99.

Gruff RhysGruff Rhys
Surely that’s cheating | Stu Forster/Getty Images

Welsh rockers Super Furry Animals bloody love football.

Not only did they play a one-off gig in Toulouse when Wales were shocking the world at Euro 2016, they also briefly sponsored Cardiff City’s shirt in 1999.

Unfortunately, the shirt is so ugly, we did not think it was fair to subject you to a photo of it. Blue all over with a bizarre string collar, it is (thankfully) hard to find.

Revolutionary hip hop crew Goldie Lookin’ Chain are one of Wales’ proudest musical exports.

Ok, maybe they’re not. They did sponsor Newport County in 2004, though. Tom Jones never did that, did he?

Getting hold of this timeless piece of fashion is next to impossible. The most recent one we could find went for £199.99 on Classic Football Shirts!

Kerry MayoKerry Mayo
A fitting sponsor because at the time Brighton were quite skint | Pete Norton/Getty Images

Alright, we admit it. We have cheated a tiny bit for this entry.

It wasn’t in fact Fatboy Slim himself who sponsored his hometown club, it was his label, Skint. Still, nice kit.

Skint was emblazoned on several Seagulls shirts in the late 1990s, but we like the 1999/2000 iteration best, which is available for £79.99 from Classic Football Shirts.

This is the first, and likely the last time Margate have appeared twice on the same 90min list.

Back in 1996, long before The Libertines rolled into town, the Gate proudly sported the logo of ska band Bad Manners on the front of their jerseys.

If you manage to track down somewhere to buy this, fair play. We certainly couldn’t. Perhaps it’s time for a reprint?

Has there even been a better collaboration than Prostar and Sleaford Mods? Probably not.

The genre-defining punk duo made the partnership happen by sponsoring Seven Sister Under-9s back in 2017. They even sold replica shirts for a while. They are sold out now, but one could pop up on eBay soon if you’re lucky.

Scottish act Wet Wet Wet are Clydebank born and bred. In 1993 they decided to give back to their hometown by sponsoring the football club.

They did not pull up any trees during this period, but boy, did they turn heads whenever they crossed that white line. Just look at that yellow and purple number…

You may not have heard of them but Die Toten Hosen are one of Germany’s biggest rock bands.

They have long been associated with Fortuna Dusseldorf, sponsoring the club throughout the 2000s and having one of their songs played whenever Fortuna score a home goal.

The best Fortuna x Die Toten Hosen was released partway through the 2019/2020 season. If you can face the shipping costs you can treat yourself to one for €79.95.

Scottish experimental rockers Mogwai celebrated their first UK number one album in 2021, but perhaps their greatest triumph was sponsoring Saint Roch’s Primary School’s football kit three years prior.

They are pretty smart to be fair. We’re getting big Sassuolo vibes from the home strip in particular.

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