The Most Scenic Football Stadiums in the World

The Most Scenic Football Stadiums in the World

Let’s be honest, it’s been that long since you’ve stepped foot inside the holy sanctum that is your local football stadium that any ground would look beautiful to you by this point…

It’s been a painful few months without the joy of over-priced half-time food and seats so uncomfortable you begin to wonder why you paid to sit in it, but we’d give anything to have it all back.

The Dutch Under-21 side visit Andorra's Estadi Comunal D'Andorra La VellaThe Dutch Under-21 side visit Andorra's Estadi Comunal D'Andorra La Vella
The Dutch Under-21 side visit Andorra’s Estadi Comunal D’Andorra La Vella | Soccrates Images/Getty Images

So, with football stadiums beginning to feel like a thing of the past, we’ve got your back as we take a trip down memory lane to those places we used to be able to go and watch football – but not with just any old grounds.

We’ve picked out the ten stadiums with the most amazing backdrops, so get your pen and paper ready and prepare to extend your bucket list of places to visit, as we bring you the most scenic football grounds in the world.

The Estadio Municipal de Braga is a truly unique stadium, carved into the face of a mountain and affectionately nicknamed ‘The Quarry’.

The ground is home to Primeira Liga outfit Sporting Clube de Braga and was built for the 2004 European Championships in Portugal. A number of English sides, including Manchester United and Newcastle, have since played there.

The Victoria Stadium in GibraltarThe Victoria Stadium in Gibraltar
The Victoria Stadium in Gibraltar | MARCOS MORENO/Getty Images

When plans were announced to replace the Victoria Stadium in 2010, the Gibraltar FA stepped in and purchased this fantastic arena before renovating it in 2017.

Opened in 1926 as a British military sports ground, the 5000 capacity stadium is now a multi-purpose stadium with football, cricket, athletics and music festivals just a few of the events held there.

Rheinpark Stadion in LiechtensteinRheinpark Stadion in Liechtenstein
Rheinpark Stadion in Liechtenstein | DeFodi Images/Getty Images

Situated just metres away from the border with Switzerland, the Rheinpark Stadion is home to the Liechtenstein national team as well as Swiss Super League side FC Vaduz.

The inaugural match at this beautiful stadium took place in 1998, as FC Vaduz hosted then Bundesliga champions FC Kaiserslautern. Ambitious? Very. An 8-0 defeat to the German side certainly marked the occasion.

It may hold less than 3000 when at full capacity but the backdrop is something else.

What’s perhaps even more amazing is that within the mountains behind the stadium is a volcano, though thankfully it hasn’t been active for nearly 50 years.

The stadium is used mainly for football matches and is home to Íþróttabandalag Vestmannaeyja…nope, neither do we.

Estadi Comunal D'Andorra La Vella in AndorraEstadi Comunal D'Andorra La Vella in Andorra
Estadi Comunal D’Andorra La Vella in Andorra | Soccrates Images/Getty Images

The Andorran national team may be a bit rubbish, but at least they get beat in an incredible setting.

Surrounded by the Pyrenees mountains, the Estadi Comunal D’Andorra La Vella is said to hold around 1,000 people and hosts a number of events aside from football including athletics and rugby.

Stadium Kantrida in CroatiaStadium Kantrida in Croatia
Stadium Kantrida in Croatia | Matthew Lewis/Getty Images

Located on the coast of the Adriatic Sea, the Stadium Kantrida is the home of HNK Rijeka.

The Croatian outfit are regulars in the Europa League, meaning a whole host of top European sides have been lucky enough to visit this brilliant setting, with Real Sociedad the most recent guests.

Looking like something out of a Nike advert, Singapore’s The Float at Marina Bay is surely one of if not the most unique stadium in the world. Aside from being a one off, the views aren’t bad either.

If you can’t stop looking at this fantastic structure and are adamant you’re going to visit there, you may well be bitterly disappointed. The stadium was never meant as a permanent structure and was due to be demolished in 2014, but due to popular demand the demolition was postponed.

However, it has recently been confirmed that The Float at Marina Bay will be knocked down in 2022. Boo.

The Stadion Gospin Dolac in CroatiaThe Stadion Gospin Dolac in Croatia
The Stadion Gospin Dolac in Croatia | BRANIMIR BOBAN/Getty Images

After work began on the Stadion Gospin Dolac in 1976, it took 13 years for the ground to be completed with its opening finally marked in 1989.

Home to Croatian side NK Imotski the stadium holds 4,000 fans and is named after a nearby church. Can’t imagine they sell many of those 4,000 tickets with pretty much every house in the town overlooking the pitch.

Alright, so calling this a ‘stadium’ might be pushing it a little considering the lack of seating, but it’s impossible to leave this off our list.

The Eidi Stadium is home to a semi-professional football club in the Faroe Islands and it truly is one of the most stunning grounds in the world. Its Atlantic Ocean backdrop provides one of the most breathtaking settings possible – wouldn’t fancy being the ball boy when a defender aims for row Z mind.

The Ottmar Hitzfeld Stadium  in SwitzerlandThe Ottmar Hitzfeld Stadium  in Switzerland
The Ottmar Hitzfeld Stadium in Switzerland | FABRICE COFFRINI/Getty Images

And the winner is…

Have you ever seen a more sublime setting for a football match? It almost seems a waste to just play football there, it’s like it should be the backdrop for a romantic meal or something. Anyway, what are we on about, what better location to play the beautiful game?

Home to FC Gspon, the Ottmar Hitzfeld Stadium in Switzerland is the highest stadium in Europe. Due to the high altitude the surface has to be turn as the grass won’t grow, and players have to access it by cable car.

Could this stadium be any cooler?!

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